Дмитрий Лобойко (loboyko) wrote,
Дмитрий Лобойко

«Единая Россия» на самарских выборах...

Если кому-то не лень читать на английском... 
The Moscow Times

United Russia Set to Capture Samara Vote


Most residents of Samara's rundown neighborhood of Zheleznodorozhny made no effort to conceal their support for Dmitry Azarov, a slick-looking 40-year-old who ran against the incumbent mayor, Viktor Tarkhov, in Sunday's elections.

But a local independent political analyst, Dmitry Loboiko, said
Azarov would likely do the same because he also has close ties to Samara business groups, especially Volgopromgas, whose boss even lobbied for Azarov to be included into President Dmitry Medvedev's “staff reserve” of officials and businessmen.
“If Matveyev had run, there would have been a second round, but United Russia needed to win in the first round with an absolute majority,” said the analyst Loboiko, who helped Matveyev during his campaign.
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